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Andy Scheopner

This is an awesome camp with a lot of very knowledgeable coaches who do a great job of working the players hard on a lot of different skills! It is very organized the players definitely are kept working. The athletes get to know athletes from other towns and build some lasting friendships!

Caitlan Collett

My boys have attended PGU from the first year they started in Kansas and it has been amazing to see them get better each year! The skills and knowledge they’ve learned has been invaluable while growing as players. This camp is perfect for anyone looking to help their kids improve!

David Snodgrass

We take both our son and daughter to PGU. It's an amazing experience for them. It's an affordable camp that allows multiple experiences to grow as a player by bringing in the best coaches in the area. We now have PGU locally and will be back, for sure.

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