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Point Guard U Basketball Camps

Ron Baker, NY Knicks

I had the chance to watch Kyle while I was growing up. Watching him play, you could tell he was a coach's kid. The game and its fundamentals were engraved in him. Being from Western Kansas like Kyle, hard work is what we're about. If your kid is willing to work, I can promise you that Kyle can make him not only a better player, but a better person.

Training Basketball South Bend

Joey Brooks, UND

Developing a solid foundation of skill, basketball IQ and awareness is key to maximizing your ability to play at a high level. I trust the guys at Point Guard U to help players improve in all three areas, while keeping the game fun, which is most important for young players.

Shooting Coach South Bend

Gabby Connally, UGA

Coach Rob, as my daughter and I call him, has done a phenomenal job changing my daughter's shot. He completely broke it down and got her to shoot just like a guy. My daughter put her trust in Coach Rob. Needless to say, she came out of the July recruiting period with numerous statements regarding how she's shooting the ball much cleaner. I can't thank him enough for the time and effort he put into making this possible!

South Bend Shooting Coach

Jase Herl, Missouri State

I grew up playing for Kyle's dad and with Kyle. The one thing that always stood out to me about Kyle was his love and passion for the game. He always wanted to get better and worked everyday to get there. He's the type of guy I'd want training my kids, he's never settled and he's never allowed anyone around him to settle for anything less than they should be. If you're serious about getting better and not just going through the motions, get on board with PGU immediately!

South Bend Basketball Camp

Terrence Jones, Nike

Coach Rob was our top trainer with Ultimate Champions for several years. He was also one of our lead instructors at Nike basketball camps. Robert has a unique ability to change and improve any player's shot. I've seen elementary school kids to high-level high school kids come in and improve their shot instantly by working with Coach Rob. I recommend anyone that's looking to improve their game to utilize his abilities!

Indiana Basketball Camp PGU

Jeff Reid, Saint Louis

From an early age, Kyle has demonstrated his love and passion for the game of basketball over and over again. Growing up with Kyle, I have always been amazed at how well he knew and understood the game of basketball. With his unique basketball IQ and ability to relate with players at any level, he will be able to help you become the best player you can be. I highly encourage all of you basketball driven athletes to come train with Kyle and his team.

Point Guard U Basketball Camp

Pete Craycroft, HCC

Rob was on our varsity mens basketball staff for several years. He not only proved to be a capable addition but also a highly worthy interim head coach on the occasions he had to fill in. Rob has tremendous knowledge of the game and is a proficient teacher of the fundamentals. He is wonderfully relational with the players and has their respect, as well as being a friend and mentor. I highly recommend Rob as a coach and teacher of the game. I hated losing him from our program. 

South Bend Basketball Training

AJ Garcia, UC Nike

Coach Rob is one of the greatest shooters and trainers I've ever come across. He not only has helped improve my game physically but mentally too. When I started training with him, I wanted to give up because of how tough it was. That's how you know you've found the right trainer. His passion really speaks out in those moments and that motivates me. You can always count on him to show up and be ready to work.

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