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100% of sponsorship funds will go toward providing scholarships for children in your community to attend camps and clinics, who otherwise would not have been able to afford to attend these events.

Thank you, many times over.

Platinum Sponsor

Presenting Sponsor: Entire Camp | PGU [Location] Presented By [SPONSOR]

Features: Banner At Gym Entrance, Two (2) Thank You Videos

Newsletter: Logo In All Blasts, Featured Blast After Camp

Logo Placement: Social Media Graphics, Facebook Live, Website Camp Landing

COST: $2,000

Gold Sponsor

Daily Sponsor: Camp Exclusive | Monday Brought To You By [SPONSOR]

Features: Live Mic Promotion, Thank You Video

Newsletter: Logo In Camp Preview & Camp Feedback Blasts

Logo Placement: Facebook Live, Social Media Posts

COST: $750

Silver Sponsor

Feature: Live Mic Promotion

Newsletter: Logo In Camp Feedback Blast

Logo Placement: Social Media Post

COST: $500

Bronze Sponsor

Feature: Live Mic Promotion

Logo Placement: Social Media Post

COST: $250


Additional Perks

We Expect 200-400 Athletes At Each Camp

Over Half Of Athletes Parents Will Attend At Least One Day

We Will Reach Over 1,000,000 Social Media Impressions

Our Newsletter Will Be Read Over 10,000 Times

Over 20,000 People Watched Our Facebook Live Broadcasts Last Summer

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